Beyond Oil Electric Bikes Features

Beyond Oil electric bikes have some unique features that distinguish them from the rest:

  • 7 speed gears,
  • corrosion-free high quality stainless steel spokes
  • amazing long life batteries.

Compared to other lithium batteries used on other electric bikes, these robust high tech batteries have nearly Double the life span, are very safe, non-toxic (no heavy metals), and have a MUCH lower cost for the amount of energy they store over their LONG life time.

They can also be discharged and charged quicker, if you use a more powerful motor or charger.

Long life batteries deteriorate slower than the usual LiPo (LMO) batteries. That means their energy density surpasses LiPo quickly

In two or three years other bike batteries will be fading and your long life battery will still be in its prime!

This is critically important because the battery is nearly half the cost of your bike!

Other plusses of the LFP and NMC batteries are:

  • 2 to 5 times longer charge/discharge cycle lifetime. (save money)
  • 8 to 10 times higher discharge power (hill climbing)
  • wider operating temperature range (snow and desert).

If you have time to learn more see the FAQ page.

And finally, in contrast to flimsy plastic batteries, because our batteries are encased in an extruded aluminum sleeve, the cells stay cool and are strongly protected from accidental damage.